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About Aura Technology

Aura Technology was started in june 2014 with 20 employees and grown large as a banyan tree what is of now. Aura technology was the brain child of Mr Nagarajan.

Aura Technology is a passionate team of skilled & experienced professionals, having expertise in designing & manufacturing of customized fixturing solutions to almost any kind of automobile and heavy engineering component having metal cutting operations

Value to Our Customers

We provide state-of-the-art, heavy duty machine tools at very competitive prices.Many of our machines come from Taiwan, as do many other industry-leading OEMs today.

Aura chooses the best products from a variety of OEM's to match the best machine tool to the application. We are fortunate to be able to provide only the best products from each manufacturer. This is imperative in keeping our customers satisfied.

Aura has several top applications engineers and offers full turn-key and run-off services.

Aura’s manufacturers have the engineering ability to produce special and custom machine tools

We are confident that with our professional team of factory trained engineers, our clients can be assured of a very high standard of after-sales service.